Here’s Why More Married Women Are Cheating…

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According to a Trustify survey, around one-third of men and women in marriages admit to cheating at least once. However, there is a growing trend toward women being the instigators. If you have found out that you have a cheating wife, or you are that cheating wife, you’ll be surprised by the reasoning for it. Check out the most common reasons why married women are cheating below.

The Daily Grind

Married couples who have quickly transitioned from being a madly in love couple to parents and homeowners may find they quickly tire of the daily grind. No longer do they stay up late at night talking about their hopes and dreams and plans for the future together. Instead, they are living that future, and it may not seem all that bright.

If you’re planning who will be taking Timmy to soccer practice and who will fetch the mail, it can soon lead to a cheating wife. The monotony, daily grind, and lack of sweep-me-off-my-feet love can drive a woman into the arms of a man who can reignite that passion in her. She can go from being a faithful, organized housewife to being a sexy, passionate woman with a man who goes crazy over her. That might be what’s now missing at home.

Leading Separate Lives

It’s healthy for man and wife to have different hobbies. Leading independent lifestyles can mean you enjoy your time with each other more. However, it can also have the opposite effect if you make a habit out of it. If the wife is spending more time away from home partaking in her hobby, and same with the husband, then there’s an added risk she (or he) will find someone who shares that same interest. Before long, sparks can fly, and an affair can creep to the surface.

No Passion in the Bedroom

A loving wife can turn into a cheating wife when she finds there is no longer any passion in the bedroom. If you go from being a madly-in-love couple to being married with kids and hectic schedules, it doesn’t take long for any sex you do have to be rushed, uninteresting, and more like a “race to the finish line.” If you don’t take the time to inject passion into your love life – such as with foreplay, roleplay, and adventurous positions, then that loving and loyal wife can quickly become a cheating wife.

The woman in the relationship can feel like you don’t care, aren’t attracted to her, and don’t feel passionate about her. In this instance, she may seek love, passion, and excitement from an outside source.

The Real You

Love can overshadow everything in a relationship – particularly if it’s new. If love hearts are clouding your judgment, you may only find the “real” person beneath that lovey façade once it’s too late. Once the honeymoon phase is over, some people begin to see themselves faced with annoying habits and personality traits that actually don’t appeal. Rather than end the marriage or relationship, the cheating wife takes form. She may look to retain her marriage while seeking extra-marital affairs to satisfy her need for a change.


Close to 14 percent of women say they would become a cheating wife if their husband cheated on them first. Therefore, more married women are cheating now than ever before because they have a cheating husband. Often, there can be truth to the saying “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned.”

Rather than leave the cheating husband, the faithful wife becomes a cheating wife, getting him back for how he has wronged her. While two wrongs don’t make a right, the pain and hurt can cloud judgment, making a woman think that giving him a taste of his own medicine is the right thing to do.

More married women are cheating than ever before, but the reasoning behind it all leads back to one common strand: communication. If a woman or man in a relationship is not feeling loved, sexy, attractive, or appreciated, then she or he needs to talk to their significant other. Seeking those feelings from someone else will not solve the problem – it will cause it to spiral further out of control.

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