Why People Cheat: The Difference Between Men and Women

Why People Cheat: The Difference Between Men and Women

Relationships are complex things. There are so many different feelings and emotions that pass between two romantically involved people. Unfortunately, cheating can be part of a relationship. Not everyone is always faithful. Both men and women can stray and look for sex and love outside of their own relationship. But why do we do this? Why do both men and women cheat? Are there different reasons for each gender? This article looks at this issue and attempts to shed some light on why people cheat:

When women cheat, it is usually to end their primary relationship

It is commonly believed that women cheat as a signal that their primary relationship is drawing to an end. They may be unhappy, or their feelings may have changed. Intimacy, love and feelings are hugely important to women and thus, if their primary relationship is lacking in these areas, they may be more inclined to be unfaithful. Furthermore, when a woman cheats, she will crave love and a romantic connection – the act of cheating is much more than sex.

When men cheat, it is usually for sexual gratification

In contrast to women, it is commonly believed that men cheat and usually have no intention of ending their primary relationship. They generally do not cheat because they feel unloved or because their relationship is not what they imagined – they cheat out of a sexual desire and to satiate their own sexual appetite. Generally speaking, for men sex is sex and feelings are feelings – the two are entirely separate.

As the saying goes, women make love, and men have sex. When cheating, a man will not necessarily care about being in-love or romantically attached to the person – they just wanted to be turned on and aroused.

As you can see, the reasons for cheating can vary greatly for both men and women. Generally, men cheat out of sexual desire, whilst women cheat because of something lacking in their primary relationship. It is important to remember that these reasons are not concrete and there could be other contributing factors too.

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